Voice API pricing

Vonage API pricing is pay-per-use, nothing more. Billing down to the second, however you call. Explore Voice API pricing for SIP connections, virtual phone numbers, and more.


Pricing is updated every hour and will fluctuate based on

carrier costs and current exchange rate (between USD and EUR).

Take a look at our global pricing sheet (.xls) for pricing in all countries.

Usage-based pricing for additional features

Automatic Speech Recognition
€0.0163 per 15 second interval
€0.0040 per minute charged per second

Vonage AI Services: Voice Bot Package

Setup Fee

AI Monitoring & Support Package


AI Usage Cost

Natural Language Understanding Minutes

$0.05/min Rounded up to nearest minute

*Requires connection to and usage with the Vonage Voice API and ASR Feature.  Rates charged separately.


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