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Turn conversations into sales

Consumers buy from brands they trust. With, your brand can build that trust by engaging consumers throughout their buying journeys on the channels they love. Create AI-powered omnichannel experiences that boost sales, increase customer satisfaction, and return buyer behavior intelligence.

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Everything you need for Conversational Commerce

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Multi-channel chatbot automation

Build custom buyer’s journeys with AI bots that can respond to customers using NLP (Natural Language Processing) and work intelligently with store associates.
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Unified multi-channel inbox

Leverage a single inbox view of all customer inquiries and intelligently route them to the appropriate associates. Share relevant product info from a central product catalogue or create carts for customers to drive a seamless checkout.
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Order management, fulfilment, and payments integration

Get order management with sales attribution, 30+ payment platform integrations across the globe, and available API integration with fulfilment partners.
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Marketing support and analytics

Broadcast marketing promotions to your key customer segments using prebuilt templates and Social CRM. Capture performance metrics for order flows and sales agent responses.
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Conversation to conversion

Engage customers anytime, anywhere

To drive sales and loyalty, give your customers a buyer’s experience that’s personal, helpful, and responsive. With conversational commerce, your brand can be available to your customers anytime, anywhere through omnichannel conversations.

  • Integrate messaging channels, payments, inventory, fulfilment, and marketing services

  • Build frictionless customer experiences by deploying AI-driven conversational bots, assigning in-store sales associates, or a mix of both

  • Support omnichannel conversations at scale via social messaging apps, your website, or social posts and ads

  • Discover meaningful insights about your customers’ shopping behaviours that can inform your marketing efforts and improve your flows

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Conversatioinal Advertising

Turn one-way ads into real-time experiences

Drive consumers from discovery to consideration with personalised conversations across multiple ad networks.

Customer insights
Consumer Insights

Gather first-party data to drive your product, marketing, and brand strategies

Get the tools you need to glean high quality first-party data, gather intricate consumer insights and serve more personalised marketing to your consumers.

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"The new buyer’s journey is about making the most of every moment and every touchpoint. Customers need to feel seen, heard, and engaged on every channel and from any location."


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