ServiceNow integration with Vonage Contact Center

Vonage Contact Center for ServiceNow enables organisations to drive external and internal customer satisfaction, helps agents keep vital customer data at their fingertips without needing to open another app, and more.


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Empower your agents with Vonage Contact Center for ServiceNow

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Available versions and workspaces

Enable your cloud-based contact centre to focus on what matters most — your customers.
  • Works with ServiceNow’s Madrid, New York or Orlando versions
  • Compatible with either the Classic or Agent ServiceNow workspace
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Leverage a host of call-handling tools

Get an easy-to-use interface with powerful key performance metrics, personalisation and productivity features.
  • Embedded Vonage ContactPad UI
  • Screen pop¹
  • Click-to-dial
  • Dynamic routing¹
  • Webchat

  • Visual Engagement
    (video and screen share)

Employees viewing reports, dashboards, metrics

Easily maintain detailed call histories and records

Review voice interactions, logs, recordings and more without ever leaving the ServiceNow app.
  • Event and comment logging
  • New record creation²
  • Call summary reporting³
  • Call recording playback link
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Satisfy just a few system requirements

Vonage Contact Center for ServiceNow has a short list of easy-to-meet operating needs.
  • The Madrid, New York or Orlando version of the ServiceNow ITSM/CSM

  • Additional ServiceNow plugins, including Customer Service, Notify and CTI Softphone
  • Vonage Contact Center package
  • The Vonage Contact Center for ServiceNow connector
  • A Chrome or Firefox browser
  • Services-based offer⁴

¹ Available with Select and Premium VCC packages

2 Available with Select and Premium VCC packages

3 Available with Select and Premium VCC packages or the Insights API

4 Requires Statement of Work 


Vonage Contact Center for Servicenow

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