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Manage your phone system from one intuitive portal

Manage and customise your phone system and monitor account activity in real-time.
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Vonage’s Admin Portal allows your company’s phone administrators to fully manage and customise your phone system and monitor account activity in real time. With the Admin Portal Audit Log, administrators and users can easily audit all changes and restore to the original setting if needed.

Designated phone administrators can access the Admin Portal anytime — from any computer — using private login credentials, while other users can manage their own extensions via the User Portal.
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Track overall system trends and usage by extension.
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View monthly billing, account updates and enhancements, easily audit all changes made to an account, monitor employee call activity in real time, manage and customise phone system calling features, and more.
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Add new extensions easily, add premium features like Call Queue and Voicemail Transcription and attend live training sessions.

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