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In-App Messaging

The Vonage In-App Messaging SDK helps build seamless, branded chat experiences inside your web or mobile app. Create and manage conversations right from your application, store engagement histories — and power your customers’ journey for better, more meaningful communications.
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Improve customer engagement with In-App Messaging.

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Keep the conversation going

Provide a continuous experience by enabling your customers to message you directly.
  • Put customers in control of the communication experience
  • Engage with customers on their preferred device and platform
  • Migrate the conversation from mobile to desktop
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Learn from every message

Improve customer service with real-time support right from your mobile or desktop app.
  • Deliver the best customer experience
  • Enable in-app communication as part of the contact centre experience.
  • Integrate in-app messaging into an omnichannel experience
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Global Infrastructure

Allow users to send and receive messages around the world quickly and easily.

Offline Sync

Enjoy built-in caching to send or receive messages once the device is back online.

Cross-platform SDKs

Integrate iOS, Android and JavaScript SDKs so users can chat seamlessly on any device.

See how businesses like yours are using Vonage APIs today.

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