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Did you know that when you sign up with Vocalocity, you get the ability to call anybody, anywhere in the continental U.S. and Canada as part of your regular monthly rate?*

There's no need to hire a separate long distance provider because we offer that as part of our no-contract VoIP service plan! That's right - our calling plans cover all calls made within the contiguous United States and Canada.*

So for example, if you have an unlimited extension, you can call your mother in Portland, Oregon and then call a colleague in Miami, Florida for the exact same price. If your employee is on a metered extension, his or her call to a vendor in Los Angeles, California will cost exactly the same as a call to a freelancer in Buffalo, New York.

We provide our nationwide coverage as part of Vocalocity's regular service plan, and we'll never make any changes to who provides your coverage without letting you know. We'll also never send you an extra bill for long distance charges (though, if you make any international calls then you will see those additional charges as part of your regular Vocalocity bill).

Do you have any questions on using our cloud VoIP service for regional, local or long-distance calls? Ask away!

*Calls to Alaska, Hawaii and non-Canadian international calls are subject to additional charges.

Written by Vonage Staff


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