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Vonage Drives RAM Tracking’s Inbound Sales and Service Excellence

RAM Vehicle Tracking was established in 2004, built on the principles of customer service excellence and technical innovation. RAM has more than 80,000 GPS vehicle tracking systems on the road for 10,000 customers, using the Vonage cloud contact center and inside sales platform to deliver sales and service excellence.

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RAM Tracking needed a Salesforce-integrated contact center and inside sales platform designed to scale as rapidly as their business grew. Their telephony system could not cope with the exponential growth of customers. It needed to integrate with Salesforce.


Vonage Contact Center for Salesforce


Since implementation of Vonage Contact Center, CSAT and NPS results are up to 70% and pipeline has increased by 47%. The company now makes over half a million outbound sales calls and takes in excess of 75,000 inbound service calls each year.

RAM Tracking: Keeping up with its own success

RAM Tracking is one of the leaders in the field. In recent years, they have experienced rapid growth on the back of a successful Salesforce implementation. Salesforce brought their business processes together and offered RAM Tracking a wider understanding of their customers. However, their telephony system could not cope with the exponential growth of customers. It needed to integrate with the Salesforce way of working. Vonage bridged this gap and supported further requirements, such as better training. Management information was needed to understand the overall performance of the operation and to build on the objective of creating customer excellence.

Outbound sales success

To cope with the growth in customers, Vonage was the obvious choice. RAM Tracking initially introduced Vonage Contact Center to their sales team as a "soft roll-out" on the outbound sales activity. They wanted to take advantage of Vonage's dialer, call recording, geographical display, and call log function, as well as the monitoring facility. The results were impressive: RAM Tracking today makes nearly 500,000 calls a year, driving significant business growth.

Inbound sales excellence

As soon as the sales team was familiar with Vonage, RAM Tracking was ready to use it for inbound calls. The call routing facility and screen pops from Vonage led to a huge leap in operational efficiency as customers were being answered by the right advisors.

For customers making over 75,000 calls to RAM Tracking each year, there’s been a big jump in satisfaction, as hold time and call abandonment has almost been abolished. Vonage's intelligent IVR presents flexible options and plays targeted recorded messages to reduce the volume of calls reaching the contact center. Any simple problems customers have can now be answered by pre-recorded messages saving time for advisors.

Training advisors for the future

With Vonage Contact Center, RAM Tracking’s managers can listen to inbound calls and give real-time feedback for training purposes, putting the customer journey at the heart of the business. This real-time data is made readily available for management to evaluate individual performance effortlessly. Importantly, the Vonage system provides highly accurate data ensuring better reporting and a balanced and fair reward system for their top performers.

RAM Tracking’s training management team no longer have to read through long reports or spend time trying to find the right call to listen to before coaching advisors. New advisors can be trained by listening to specific calls which are easy to identify—inoculating bad habits, breeding good habits, and improving close ratios. This has reduced training times by weeks, as Scott enthusiastically explained: “Because of Vonage, our new recruits are speaking our language on day three.” Sales have increased exponentially via this robust training and nurturing model.

Workforce management is more efficient

Call data provided by Salesforce was not sufficient for planning staffing requirements. With the Vonage Contact Center system, RAM Tracking’s managers are able to predict when peak calling times will be and make sure the requisite staff are available. Overall, RAM Tracking has improved their customer service approach by reducing customer effort. Advisors are proactively contacting customers to check how things are going, and as a result improving overall customer relationships. 


"Unplanned events can have a serious impact on a business’s operations, so continuity planning is crucial to ensure the contact center can run smoothly in all eventualities. Vonage Contact Center is now being used by employees at home as it would be in the office—we can transfer calls between remote agents, have a 360-degree view of the customer, and all calls can be tracked, logged, and recorded. Productivity is even higher with a remote workforce, without the distractions of the office!”
— Chris McClellan, CEO and Founder of RAM Tracking

Business Continuity When the Unexpected Happens

RAM Tracking was able to maintain its commitment to outstanding customer service when it needed to transition employees from working in the office to their homes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the contact center traditionally operating in an office environment, RAM Tracking’s business continuity plan required:

  • All 80 employees in the UK and Canada to be able to work from home with immediate effect

  • Data and customer records to be accessible remotely

  • A 360-degree view of the customer

  • Redirection of calls and ability to transfer between remote agents or redeploy to other departments as required

  • Call recordings to be handled and accessed remotely

With Vonage Contact Center’s true cloud environment, RAM Tracking was able to transition all 80 employees across two countries from working at the office to their homes. Using home computers or new laptops sourced by the business, employees could continue using the Vonage solution remotely, as all they need is an internet connection. Inbound and outbound calls were effectively handled via a remote workforce, with only a minimal call time increase on inbound calls.



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