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Sentiment analysis

Real-time insight into caller sentiments and emotions enables better decision-making, support and outcomes.
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Improve engagement outcomes

Real-time insight into a customer’s feelings enables an agent to engage an expert supervisor before a situation escalates. Happier customers are more loyal to your brand and the key to more profitable outcomes.

Strengthen agent skills faster

With real-time feedback, agents can understand — in context — how they can strengthen their skills, improve the customer’s experience and become more effective.
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Gain insights

Measuring sentiment trends over time enables you to quantify the impact of agent training programmes, new product launches and other activities aimed at improving customer loyalty, agent performance and much more.

How sentiment analysis works

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1. Your customer calls in

Your customer calls your contact centre and connects with an agent.
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2 . AI analyses the conversation in real time

An AI bot is quietly conferenced into the call to analyse the caller’s sentiments and emotions.

3. Business rules trigger actions

Your business rules can prompt the bot to alert a supervisor if the bot’s real-time analysis of the caller’s sentiments indicate a possible customer satisfaction issue. The bot can conference in the next available supervisor.

4. Experts provide real-time support

The supervisor can coach the agent in real time via a whisper or text chat and together they can provide the customer with the best possible service.
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5. The bot broadens its understanding

The AI bot gets better at decoding sentiment and emotions as it monitors the effect of the supervisor's suggestions. With ever-improving insight into caller sentiments and emotions, the AI gets even better at deciding when to alert a supervisor.

Why choose Vonage APIs for sentiment analysis?

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Websocket endpoint support

The Vonage Voice API can conference in an AI bot — such as IBM Watson, Amazon Alexa, Voicebase or others — to participate in a telephone call.
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The highest-quality voice

Our platform connects directly to our private MPLS network and to Tier 1 carriers that provide the highest quality voice services. In addition, with data centres in all regions of the world and our automatic location-based routing, our platform delivers low latency and high reliability.
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Per-second billing

With per-second billing, you don't need to pay for unused partial minutes, adding to the savings.

All the insights you need

Our dashboard includes all the data you need to manage your business, including call volume, cost and detailed call records. You can also incorporate the data into your own analytics using our management APIs.
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Real-time event data

The Vonage Voice API delivers real-time event data to your application, so you can track or even change the call flow on the fly. Real-time events include changes in call state (ringing, busy, etc.), answering machine detection, the price of the call and more.

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