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Campaign tracking

Give your call centre agents an audible heads-up. Use a call whisper to tell your call centre agent which campaign the call concerns before they greet the caller.
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Engage more effectively

By identifying the campaign about which someone is calling – before the agent takes the call – your agents can greet callers with context and improve effectiveness.

Lower costs

An audible whisper solution can eliminate the need to invest in and maintain complex computer-telephony integration systems that traditionally provide a “screen pop” on an agent’s desktop.

Track performance

You can track and optimise both ad campaign performance and agent productivity easily.

How campaign tracking works

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1. Link ad campaigns to specific virtual numbers

When running your ad campaigns, assign a virtual number unique to each campaign, so you can associate inbound numbers with specific ad campaigns.
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2. Route incoming calls

Your application routes campaign calls to an available agent.

3. Prepare the agent with a whisper

Before the agent is connected to the caller, an audible message tells the agent which campaign the caller is calling about.
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4. Connect the call

As the caller is connected, the agent can pull up the right ad campaign script and be ready to engage.
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5. Monitor performance

At any time, you can run reports to get insights on campaigns and performance.

Why choose Vonage APIs for campaign tracking?

Superior voice quality

Our API platform connects directly to the Vonage MPLS network and to tier 1 carriers that provide the highest quality voice services. In addition, with data centres in different regions of the world, our platform delivers very low voice latencies, improving the user experience for your applications.

Reduce costs

With true per-second billing in most countries, you pay only for the time you use. Compared to traditional per-minute billing you could save more than 50%, depending on your calling patterns and destinations. In addition, you save long distance fees because all calls are local in their respective markets.

Global coverage

We provide access to virtual local numbers in more than 85 countries. Numbers can be provisioned right from the Vonage API dashboard or via an API.

Split-call recording

The Vonage API platform will soon support split-channel stereo call recording. One channel records what the user hears and the other what the user says. This separation significantly improves the quality of transcriptions so you can improve analysis and gain new insights.

Gain deeper insights

Capture recordings and metadata from every call to measure and improve your marketing campaigns, including who called, the dialled number, the call length and more.

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