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Using Vonage’s Voice API, you can connect phone calls over IP and/or PSTN connections to third party AI endpoints with WebSockets, enabling persistent, two-way communications without the overhead of the HTTP request/response model.

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Why Vonage WebSockets

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Universal connector

Fits any AI system you want to connect, whether through a Vonage partner or your own.
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Two-Way communications

Persistent, bi-directional communication can be sent either way at any time during the conversation or connection.
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Extremely low latency

There is very low latency as there is limited HTTP overhead, resulting in faster data transfer speeds.
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Highly scalable

With virtually unlimited connections available per call.

Built to be flexible

Choose from partners within the Vonage network or select a third-party vendor that best suits your unique use case and business.
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RFC 6455 compliance

This enables more application connectivity options and ease of deployment
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Real-time solutions

With WebSockets connected to your AI endpoints, your customers achieve more immediate resolutions to their simple requests and have confidence more complex needs are quickly prioritised and redirected. Experiences can be enriched via solutions such as virtual contact center agents, sentiment analysis, translation and transcription, all in real-time.
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Scale & flexibility

Vonage WebSockets offers virtually unlimited AI connections. You can easily add multiple endpoints for chatbots and background media analysis. You can also build a solution that leverages our AI partners or you can choose your own based on your specific use case.
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Easy deployment

Reduce coding overhead and bandwidth deploying WebSockets using binary media message formatting to power a better end user and developer experience.

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