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Dispatch API features

Use the Dispatch API to customise your messaging logic. Prioritise sending messages on the channels that your customers find most engaging — and receive immediate insights, so you’ll be constantly in the know about what’s relevant to them.
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The most-loved Dispatch API features on our powerful platform.

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Guarantee message receipt with fallback to another channel if your message is not read or delivered.*
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One API call

Set up API calls effortlessly and start taking advantage of SMS, MMS and multiple social-messaging channels.
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In-depth results

Get easy access to immediate results for the total price and outcome of sent messages.

Robust communication, lean implementation.

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Messages API

Utilise the SMS, MMS and social chat app channels available in the Messages API to get your messages delivered. See our Messages API
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Message delivery insights

Improve delivery and read rates by quickly testing failover strategies — no need for heavy code changes.
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One final callback

Get easy access to valuable insights for the total price and outcome of messaging workflows.
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Simple formatting

Build on an API that works the same on SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and the next big channel.
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Failover conditions

Customise your failover strategy based on time, delivery status or applicable error messages.

Same callback behaviour

We simplify callback behaviour by formatting consistently across all types of social chat app results.
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Delivery receipt

Get individual message delivery receipts from each failover step so you know exactly what’s happening.

Manage your services easily.

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We’ll help you troubleshoot problems quickly and thoroughly.
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Additional secondary accounts help you organise multiple applications or services.
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User permissions

Scale and assign permissions by user to avoid confusion and mix-ups at any level.
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Dashboard analytics

Detailed insights on your campaigns, down to the recipient’s cellular network and country of origin.

*Dependent on carrier and destination country.



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