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Voicemail to Email

Get voicemail recordings conveniently in your email inbox.
Voicemail to Email is an efficient business feature that allows Vonage customers to listen to voicemail messages from their computer or phone — with recordings conveniently delivered to their email inbox. Voicemail to Email notifies you by email with a clickable recording you can play on the spot.
When your extension receives a voicemail, the feature sends an email — with an attached MP3 recording of the voicemail — to your email inbox. You can easily play this MP3 on your computer's speakers, headphones or smartphone. You can also save the recording for reference later or as a permanent record of the voicemail.
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Voicemail to Email sends voicemail MP3 audio files to the email inbox specified in the user’s password-protected User Portal.
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Users can easily save voicemail MP3 audio files on their computer and listen to them on demand.
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With Voicemail to Email in place, users can add Vonage Visual Voicemail® (for a small fee) and receive voicemails transcribed to text within the body of an email.

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