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Visual Engagement Adds Recordings & Branding to Contact Centres

This article was published on April 20, 2023

Visual Engagement has been a Vonage Contact Center feature for a couple of years. With a single click, agents can escalate to video and screen sharing from any other channel — accessible over both mobile or web. This can reduce AHT (Average Handle Time), engender more trust, and improve CSAT.

Image of woman in front of a computer screen, in a video meeting and reviewing charts and graphs. This is to represent Vonage Contact Center and its visual engagement capabilities.

What’s New With Vonage Visual Engagement?

Customers have requested two key features that go a long way to turning Visual Engagement into an enterprise application in the contact centre:

Visual Engagement Recordings

Video interactions can be recorded and added to Interaction Content, where the recordings can be accessed and viewed for up to 30 days alongside other interaction media. This key feature will enable businesses to understand what is being said by both the agent and customer during the interaction.

Customised Branding for Visual Engagement

Supervisors and administrators can configure the branding of the video session, with the ability to change the colours and logos which are shown during the video session. This ensures a consistent and correct brand experience when someone interacts with a business.

Enterprise Visual Engagement From Vonage Is Available Now

Customers using Vonage Contact Center can now benefit from both video recordings and customised branding. Speak to our experts today about how Visual Engagement can help benefit your business.

And to learn more about how Vonage can help your organisation, be sure to explore our cloud-based contact centre.

Tim Kimber
Tim Kimber

Director of Product Marketing at Vonage


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