Top Six Call Centre Challenges Facing the Technology Sector

The technology sector is fast-paced, with many businesses expanding rapidly. Add to that, the complex nature of many technology companies’ product or service and providing customer support in this sector can be a challenge.

Here are six of the most common issues which prevent technology businesses from delivering an outstanding service – and how we’ve helped our customers overcome them.

  1. Routing customers through to the right agent

Complicated products and services lead to complicated customer problems. As a result, contact centres in the technology sector need to be able to route callers through to the right agent for each problem.

Our ContactWorld solution with Salesforce integration helped Topcon Positioning Systems use Salesforce data to route calls. This not only meant the right agent answered every call, but when they did begin a conversation, the agent had the most up-to-date customer information to hand.

  1. Building relationships

Whatever industry you’re in, building relationships with your customers is vital. Our ContactWorld solution has helped mobile communications company, Truphone, deliver outstanding service because of its seamless integration with Salesforce.

The team have instant access to all the information they need when a call comes through, which makes their job easier – and the team as a whole, more efficient.

And seeing as some of the world’s most demanding consumers make up Truphone’s customer base (time-pressured executives working in global markets); a fast, efficient and reliable service is essential. Plus, using NewVoiceMedia’s post-call surveys, Truphone can monitor performance and ensure it consistently delivers outstanding service.

  1. Providing consistent support to customers across the globe

If you’re expanding internationally, it’s important that you can provide the same quality of experience in Europe as you can in Asia.

Our cloud solution helped enterprise mobility management company, MobileIron, do just that, ensuring customer data was available to agents across the world and allowing call quality to be monitored globally.

If you’re serving customers across the world, your callers will be speaking in many different languages, which can cause delays when trying to match a customer to the right agent. Our caller line identification is integrated with Salesforce, which helped to tackle this, reducing call lengths by 20%.

  1. Call centre management

It’s difficult to manage a customer service department without an accurate picture of what’s going on.

Our solution helped business software company, Qlik, to manage its call centre more effectively, with key operational metrics available in real-time. Plus, the company can now monitor the percentage of calls per customer, so that if there are issues, it can resolve them more quickly.

  1. Designing a scalable contact centre

The technology sector is well-known for overnight success stories – where companies grow from a project in someone’s garage to a global business.

It’s therefore important that any technology business has a scalable customer support team. ContactWorld allows you to do this scale up quickly and easily – adding a new agent to the system is as simple as a few clicks.

An example of where we’ve helped to create a scalable customer service team for a customer is PhotoBox. Its business is extremely seasonal – with 50% of sales occurring in eight weeks of the year. ContactWorld allows the company to easily add and remove users depending on what they need.

  1. Managing different call volumes

If your industry doesn’t have clearly defined peaks and troughs (e.g. the increase retail businesses see at Christmas), it can be difficult to plan your how many agents you need.

ContactWorld records all this data to help you build a picture of peak times of the day, month and year, so that you can plan your contact centre and the number of agents needed at any one time.

This is something we successfully helped outsourced customer service solutions provider, Prism, to achieve.

With the right technology, you can deliver outstanding customer service – no matter how complex your product or how quickly you expand. To find out more about how we’ve helped technology companies to stay ahead of the competition with great service, take a look at our case studies.

What challenges are you facing at your contact centre? And how do you plan to overcome them?

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