Reduce Ongoing Contact Centre Maintenance Costs

One in a series of "20 Reasons to Host Your Contact Centre in the Cloud".

Not only will an on-premise contact centre solution have upfront capital costs, the hardware and software will need a lot of looking after, which can mean hefty maintenance costs, sometimes up to 20% of the upfront cost each year.

This is because an on-premise solution is basically a one-off project that needs specific and individual maintenance. Even if the features you use are 99% the same as all the on-premise supplier's customers, each installation needs to be maintained separately. That's good for their business model, but not very cost effective for you.

A true cloud contact centre solution, like ContactWorld, operates on different principles. The solution is "multi-tenant" which meanes everyone is using the same platform. There might be some differences in configuration from one customer to the next, but all customers are essentially using the same product.

There are lots of other benefits to this, which will be covered in other posts, but the key issue in this post is ongong maintenance costs. When there is only one platform to maintain, all our focus is spent on a single instance and therefore all the costs required to maintain it can be shared.

Not only that, but on premise equipment consumes electricity and floor space - a less visible cost but over a 5 to 10 year period could be quite significant. And making a few changes to the contact centre, such as adding disaster recovery or changing the call plan can cost you as well.

Once your contact centre is in the cloud you don't have to worry about extra costs, and if your're using ContactWorld then disaster recovery is included automatically as well. You don't lose out on flexibility either; ContactWorld is highly configurable to suit your individual Contact Centre needs.

Download: 20 Reasons to Host Your Contact Centre in the Cloud

Tim Pickard
Tim Pickard

Tim joined NewVoiceMedia in July 2011 with over 20 years' experience as a leader in the IT industry. He served as VP and board member of RSA Security's international business for seven years where he ran marketing in EMEA, Asia Pacific and Japan. He spent two years as Chief Marketing Officer for SaaS/Cloud-based email management provider Mimecast.


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