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Reduce Abandonment Rates

One in a series of "20 Reasons to Host Your Contact Centre in the Cloud"

It is a truism in the contact center world that making your customers wait until they abandon their attempts to speak with your agents is a bad idea. Eliminating abandoned calls has been the motivation behind many well-established technology innovations, including announcements of estimated waiting time, use of callbacks, creation of sophisticated routing strategies to expand the target population of agents, and so forth. But reducing abandoned calls is not typically something that comes to mind first when you think about adopting cloud-based contact center solutions.

But just because it isn't obvious to think about using the cloud to avoid abandoned calls does not imply that it is wrong to think about it!

Here are several ways that using cloud contact center software from NewVoiceMedia can help you avoid abandoned calls:

* Combine small sites, including "casual agent" sites like branch offices, into a virtual contact center. Doing this is well-known, and provides economies of scale and larger groups of agents, and allows your traffic to be distributed seamlessly across the entire virtual contact center (as opposed to having excess calls at some sites and excess agents at others). This was the original motivation behind network-level routing; the cloud is simply the next step in that evolution—and it is MUCH more cost-effective!

* Rapidly adjust your routing rules using "configure-don't-code" paradigm. With NewVoiceMedia, making routing changes is as easy as ordering a product from Amazon—it's just a basic browser operation. And, in the coming year, we will be offering even more advanced analytics capability in the cloud to allow you to plan and adjust your routing with what today would seem clairvoyance…

* Utilize home agents, without new technology, to further expand your ability to adjust staffing levels on the fly in response to traffic changes.

* Provide personalized treatments, rich callback options, and self-service capabilities to callers in queue, in the cloud (before the call ends up at one of your sites). By providing an easily-customized, standards-based IVR platform in the cloud, NewVoiceMedia gives you a wealth of opportunities to give your callers options, so that they are in control and engaged—and therefore less likely to give up in frustration.

These are just some of the ways you can reduce abandonment rates by taking advantage of the cloud, using ContactWorld.

Download: 20 Reasons to Host Your Contact Centre in the Cloud
Brian Galvin
Brian Galvin

Brian joined NewVoiceMedia in July 2011 as Chief Science Officer. He has 30 years experience in technology-focused enterprises including AMD, SAIC and Genesys. He heads NVM Labs, the research arm of NewVoiceMedia.


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