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PubNub + Vonage Bring Voice and Video Chat to PubNub’s Real-Time Communication Platform

This article was published on July 13, 2021

Our new partnership with PubNub makes it easier to blend high-quality voice and video with in-app messaging functionality. Explore this integration now.

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Since 2010, PubNub has been powering apps that bring people together in real-time for remote work, play, learning, and health. Thousands of companies use PubNub’s Real-Time Communication Platform and its APIs as the foundation for in-app chat, virtual events, geolocation, telehealth, and push notifications/alerts, at massive global scale.

In partnership with PubNub, we are making it easier for enterprises and software teams to add enhanced communication and collaboration functionality to their applications. By integrating Vonage capability into apps built on PubNub, you can now benefit from the richest set of live voice and video features alongside robust in-app messaging and push notification features. Learn more about the PubNub+Vonage integration here.

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Vonage staff


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