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We Knew Our International Long Distance Rates Were Good – but Wow!

This article was updated on July 13, 2021

Rate Comparison Reveals 75% Lower International Rates.

Whether a business specializes in international trade, or is expanding its footprint into foreign markets – International Long Distance is a cost of doing business that must be managed. And with rates varying greatly across providers, companies are actively comparing and regarding better long distance rates as a business advantage.

Fortunately, at Vonage Business, we’re able to offer outstanding international calling rates for business. These appealing rates originate with Vonage’s long history and experience in international long distance, and it’s a true benefit we proudly pass along to our business customers.

Just recently, we found out just how good our rates really are….

How Do Vonage’s International Long Distance Rates Measure Up?

Last quarter, we commissioned an objective comparison of the per-minute rates to the top 50 markets of the top three leading wireline carriers. The result: Our international long distance rates were revealed to be 75% lower on average than those of traditional carriers!

Our first reaction was “Wow!” But it also made us think about how much money many businesses are now paying for International Long Distance – particularly if they’re still bound to their wire-based legacy phone provider.

An Invitation to Compare International Rates

Especially if your company engages in a heavy international call volume – or business dictates that you will soon – it’s worth a comparison of what you presently pay with your current provider. And for current Vonage customers, why not check out the low international rates currently available to you?

Our great international rates don’t require signing up for special long distance plans. Customers simply request International Long Distance to be enabled, and then get great rates on every international call. The way we look at it, if you’re saving on International Long Distance – that’s good for your business.



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