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Unifying the Contact Center

This article was updated on July 13, 2021

Part I: When It Comes to Communications Vendors, Less Is Better

Vonage Combines Unified Communications and Contact Center

We all know that in business, for the most part, more is better. More customers, more positive customer experiences, more sales, more net revenue. But there’s one area where less is definitely better: the number of communications vendors you have to rely on. 

According to Forbes, businesses normally have so many suppliers across the enterprise—in larger companies, it can stretch into the thousands—that they often can’t keep track of them, creating unwelcome complexity and unnecessary costs.

But the trend today is to simplify. Most communications vendors only sell and support either Unified Communications or Contact Center solutions, not both. And using multiple vendors means multiple logins, multiple admin portals, multiple support needs—to put it simply, a huge hassle.

Vonage had a different idea: to own the entire communications stack from UC to CC to APIs and AI.

Introducing Vonage Integrated Experience

Now, by owning all of the technology, we’ve completely integrated formerly separate communications solutions into one powerful solution that can create a better customer experience and greater employee satisfaction.

Sure, you can “stitch” together separate UC and CC solutions, maybe even a CRM. But a siloed system can’t compare to a single, proven communications vendor.

Our integrated experience future-proofs businesses by providing sole ownership of the technology, a clear product roadmap, and a single source of customer support. Here are some of the highlights:

Common Call Controls 

Back-office users and contact center agents can take advantage of the same set of common call controls, making it a snap to answer calls. Your contact center agents can interact with your business in the way that suits them best—through an embedded experience within your CRM; our Vonage Business Communications Desktop application with hide, unhide, and minimized views; or completely standalone.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Business today demands an easier, more pleasant experience, and SSO provides just that. By employing a simple login with the click of a button, you eliminate users fumbling around trying to locate multiple login credentials just to manage even basic tasks. Agents can quickly login to the contact center and control their availability for prospects and customers. SSO also provides consistent identity and access management across the entire operation.

Single Intuitive Interface

Our integrated experience seamlessly meshes UC solutions, contact centers, CRM and other integrations—all cloud-based and all accessible in an easy, intuitive interface that works the way the user expects it to. The result: reduced training time, less frustration, increased efficiency, and a consistent, effortless experience.

Professional Presence and Availability

With Vonage's integrated experience, agents can see if a back-office user is available for consultation and check other agents’ availability, making customer service more effective by using the full skill and expertise of the entire business to support customer interactions. Users can connect via multiple channels—messaging, conference calls, video meetings, or whatever works best for the situation—enhancing productivity while also boosting customer satisfaction.

Common Directory

Thanks to a single directory across UC and CC, collaboration has never been easier. Vonage provides a single source of truth for all employees.

In today’s world, simple is better. Vonage’s vision is to make communications more flexible, intelligent, and personal to help enterprises the world over stay ahead. And Vonage's integrated experience plays an important part in making that vision a reality.

Download our data sheet to learn more about how Vonage's integrated experience brings together Unified Communications and Contact Center to put everything needed for communication on one flexible cloud platform.

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Tim Kimber
Tim Kimber

Director of Product Marketing at Vonage


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