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9 Things That'll Make You Feel Great About Scalable Cloud Communications

This article was published on March 25, 2022

You already knew that companies using traditional, hardware-based private branch exchanges (PBX) have been putting a lot of stock in scalable, cloud-based VoIP solutions. But why? What is it about cloud-based communications that’s making the switch such a no-brainer? This:

1. Their scalability is exploding their popularity. 

The cloud lets SaaS products replace traditional server hardware so you can scale up resources on demand.

2. They show their value in lots of ways.

Short-term increases for a traffic surge? Long-term service needs for new digs in Singapore and Paris? Yes and yes.

3. Praise the lowered! They drop costs. 

No hardware, upkeep, or upgrades to pay for. And many VoIP solutions work with major PBX providers, too.

4. Near? Far? No matter—they’ve got you connected. 

Reliable bandwidth and connections enable cross-team collaboration like you’re all on the same network.

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5. Easily adding features is a feature itself. 

Need more lines? More capacity? Enhancements are virtual—and they even integrate automatically.

6. In the event of a service hiccup, you won't feel it. 

Cloud communications providers are so confident they’ll live up to their SLAs, it’s not unusual for them to make uptime guarantees that include compensation if they don’t.

7. Cloud-based communications is easier to manage than hardware-based PBX. 

The scope of cloud providers' infrastructure can offer superior control over privacy, security, and monitoring.

8. They’re as portable as anything in the cloud. 

You can't move PBX hardware if you outgrow your office. But a cloud-based solution? It’s never in your office in the first place.

9. No interconnectivity challenges. 

Fixing disparate hardwired systems that need to talk to one another is easy when everything’s in the cloud and there’s no hardwired systems to speak of.

Familiarity and control remain key selling points for on-site PBX. But remember, familiarity and control didn't stop you from trading your fax machine for email, your Nokia for an iPhone, or MySpace for Facebook, right?

Of course not! So it’s truly a no-brainer: It’s time to make the switch and scale your communications with Vonage!


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