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Contact Center performance & reliability

We maximise the availability of Vonage Contact Center with proven cloud architecture, robust telephony, multiple databases and a 24x7 operations team.
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How does Vonage measure contact center performance, availability and reliability?

The Vonage Contact Center solution is designed to detect and handle failure. Globally, we sample over 1,000 metrics across the production environment - measuring user experience and contact center service performance, generating more than 14,000 data points per second that are monitored in real time to assure availability. Our automated systems review the metrics, trigger auto-recovery actions, or alert engineers for deeper analysis when necessary. Platform analysis is in operation 24x7, making sure that all components are operating within designed tolerances.

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Long-term analysis and customer benefit

As NewVoiceMedia (now Vonage) has been testing and analysing its platform’s performance since 2011, we have a substantial data set with which to monitor long-term performance trends.
  • We review and analyse the data to make sure that the infrastructure remains ahead of what’s needed to provide the level of contact center performance required by customers

  • This review and analysis also guides further quality-of-service investment decisions

Proven cloud architecture

Vonage Contact Center uses a number of geographically dispersed nodes.
  • A node provides the application, database, telephony and infrastructure servers and networks that constitute the contact centre platform
  • To maximise cloud availability, we keep one more node in operation than the support of the client load requires
  • Each of the nodes is a fully functional, continually tested live node
  • This keeps all components in use and fully operational
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Major international carriers provide our telephony circuits.
  • These carriers route calls from any worldwide location — through their own resilient infrastructure and through multiple telephony circuits — into Vonage’s nodes
  • To maintain peak operations, a bank of servers — plus at least two more servers than the system requires — provides the telephony functionality
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Multiple database servers for resilience and contact center performance.

  • We fully replicate client call plans and all supervisor and agent user settings in real time across the nodes
  • This provides great flexibility in allowing clients access to any of the nodes’ services
  • Switching between nodes is a quick, simple process
  • We perform a number of different testing techniques

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Our 24x7 operations team constantly monitors all services, applications and telco and internet connections.
  • Keeps all components operational
  • Makes sure that no component exceeds 60 per cent of its capacity
We apply an expected everyday load to the product to verify the maintenance of core behaviour and achievement of performance goals.
Over a period of time, we apply an expected everyday load to the product to check for resource leaks, failovers, and long-running process issues.
To assess the application’s behaviour when pushed beyond normal or peak load conditions, we apply increasing amounts of load.
We fail the system over at various points in operation to assess how it recovers.
We tune and test the system to understand how many servers and components we need to meet a growing customer base.
Prevents power spikes and surges, with back-up diesel generators.
Includes multi-zoned, dry pipe, double-interlock, pre-action fire suppression and Very Early Smoke Detection and Alarm (VESDA).
Our data centres meet or exceed local building codes for lateral seismic design forces.
Dedicated heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems.
Includes moisture barriers, drainage and pump systems and moisture detection sensors.
Full security processes at entrances and exits, including individual holding cages.

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