Connect calls to the best available agent

The ACD system distributes calls to users or user groups seamlessly. This helps deliver positive customer experiences by connecting calls to the best available agent through skills-based routing, case-owner routing, etc.
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Call agents in a queue


Shorten wait times for better customer experiences.
  • Quickly route to correct agent to address priorities
  • Agents are assigned based on select criteria
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Assign the right agent with intelligent, skills-based routing.
  • Feature used in conjunction with the Skill Tagger and Set SLA applets
  • Agents with the right skill set are prioritised in the queue
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Route to the customer’s preferred channel.
  • Customers are more likely to answer on their preferred channel
  • Seamlessly apply routing to voice, email, chat, social and SMS
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Conduct real-time training and monitoring.
  • Managers can leverage in-call monitoring, call conferencing, call barging and whisper coaching
  • Easily report in real time or historically
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The Vonage Contact Center, designed for Salesforce, keeps the Sure Petcare team informed with updated customer data.

Sure Petcare Improves the Customer and Agent Experience

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