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Record the calls for reference

The Vonage Contact Center can record all inbound and outbound calls, which are logged automatically as hyperlinks within your CRM (lead, account, opportunity or case as applicable). This makes it easy to find any recorded conversation by simply clicking the recording link. Supervisors can reference these recordings to help with ongoing training, issue resolution and more. And you can customise the contact center call recording sessions per account or individual call.

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Storage and savings

Keep your data safe and secure… and save, too.
  • Recordings are stored in the Vonage cloud (AES256 encrypted) rather than the CRM, resulting in significant cost savings

  • Call recordings are attached as links within the CRM object, making it easy to quickly find any recorded conversation

  • Recordings can also be downloaded from Vonage to any other storage medium

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Inbound call recording

Keep and maintain recordings based on select requirements.
  • Easily configure call recording rules within your individual interaction plans
  • Recordings can be linked to all calls, percentage of calls, specific callers and more
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Outbound call recording

Keep track of all outbound contact.
  • Conveniently enable or disable outbound call recordings
  • Easily access recordings as needed
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Call transfers to third parties

Manage recordings to third parties.
  • Call recording continues when transferred to a third party
  • Recordings can stop if necessary
Contact Pad Recording

Call recording control in ContactPad

  • When call recording control is enabled, all agents can stop (pause) and start (resume) a call recording during a call using a button in ContactPad

  • Where greater flexibility over the recording of calls is needed (usually for regulatory reasons), the administrator can determine which agents can pause and resume call recordings

Agent-only call recording

Results in only the agents involved in a call being recorded.

  • Recorded agents include the original agent, a consulted agent (or supervisor), an agent (or supervisor) to which the call is transferred, and any agent (or supervisor) who is added to a conference call

  • The caller, or customer, is NOT recorded

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Coaching and insights

  • Use Conversation Analyzer to listen to call recordings that are paired with transcripts and metrics to help understand a conversation

  • Supervisors can coach agents live or through call recordings using three-way, secret monitor and whisper modes

  • Supervisors and Quality Managers can listen to and pause call recordings to make notes, which are flagged in the progress bar and time stamped, making them easy to revisit at a future time


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