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Reports API

Gain critical, flexible access to communications data and the insights to drive your business and provide more value to your customers. 

  • Provide more value to customers with tools and information
  • Streamline operations by removing manual processes
  • Proactively manage your cash flow and upsell
  • Flexible pricing – per CDR or unlimited option
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Putting you in control of the data you need

Vonage Reports API integrates with your business applications to deliver flexible, programmable access to all your voice and messaging data in a single, powerful API.



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Reports for all your customer-journey conversations

Gain access to the data generated by any of these products!


  • Messages API

  • Verify API

  • Number Insights API

  • Voice API

  • Conversations API

  • For Video API reporting, please consider Advanced Insights

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Gain greater financial control


  • Uncover upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

  • Visualise the commercial performance of your digital communications. 

  • Test and measure voice and messaging campaigns.


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Eliminate manual processes


  • Integrate with analytics and reporting systems you already use.

  • Support your internal teams with programmatic reports and custom notifications.

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Delight and inform users


  • Enhance the user experience with custom tools and notifications.

  • Intervene in failures to guarantee service.

  • Take proactive action in fraud and overage situations.

Anticipate heavy usage? Learn about the Unlimited Reports plan!

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How your business can use the Vonage Reports API

Usage reporting

Create tools for fraud prevention, overages and upsell alerts.

Delivery/status confirmation

Intervene to maintain quality of service.

Campaign management

Enrich campaign metrics with communication records.

Query your data, your way!

Produce more powerful insights by accessing up to 13 months of data.
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Search with a wide range of filters to get the information you need.
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Choose from JSON (SYNC) or CSV (ASYNC) formats.
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Access 1000s of records instantly or simply.

Developers, dive in!

We’ve got everything you need to get going - tutorials, code samples and more.
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But wait, there’s more! Explore the complete suite of management APIs.

Subaccounts API (Beta)

Simplify platform management with programmatic assets allocation, activity reports and account billing. 

Auto Redact API (Beta)

Redact sensitive and personal identifiable information (PII) automatically from your communications records.

Audit API (Beta)

Prevent security vulnerabilities and investigate your Vonage account events proactively.

Advanced Insights (Video API)

Get in-depth data to transform your users' live video experiences.


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