Device Type: desktop

Local Paperless Fax

Easily send and receive digital faxes via a single, integrated portal on your desktop and mobile. No more wasted paper, expensive toner or unwieldy fax machines. Available only in the U.S.


By requesting this app, a note will be sent to your VBC Administrator for approval. Once approved, the app will appear on your VBC Desktop and Mobile App. All pricing is displayed in USD. Admins will view pricing in local currency by region.


This virtual fax machine manages your digital faxes, voicemails and emails all in one place. Send faxes directly to your contacts and receive incoming faxes to your email.


Paperless Fax is an electronic fax-to-email solution where faxes are sent and received via email, a portal or a Virtual Fax Machine application. You can access the portal to view received faxes for up to 30 days, manage settings and review activity reports.


  • Get digital faxes directly to your email
  • Send digital faxes from any device
  • Provide your employees with their own electronic fax numbers
  • Manage your digital faxes, email and voicemail from a single inbox
  • Save money on supplies: no more paper, toner and machine repairs
  • Only the Super User and Administrator can add or set up Paperless Fax
  • The email address associated with each fax number can be changed by signing into the Fax Portal at any time and takes between 24 and 48 hours to update