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Multiconnect is a market-leading professional services telco company in DACH. Headquartered in Munich and together with our sister company in Austria, our company uses the synergies of being a mobile carrier, operating on a landline network and working as a software developer to drive innovation in the context of contact management, call tracking and connectivity services (IoT, M2M). To sum it up: we combine telecommunications and own software development and we are a TeleTech.


Customers benefit from Vonage’s and Multiconnect’s complementary solutions and product portfolios. Whilst Vonage is active globally and has a variety of different applications to help organisations scaling and optimising their communications, Multiconnect regards themselves as Vonage’s plug-in and add-on, especially with regional (DACH) specifics and base technologies like call tracking.

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Use cases and resources

Use Cases

Regardless of customer size, together Multiconnect and Vonage can serve nearly every client in DACH with an unrivalled mixture of Vonage’s global CaaS know-how and Multiconnect’s love for regional solution findings. Most common use cases including Delivery Notification, Call Tracking and more across various industries:

  • Omni-channel contact management including Voice, SMS, Chat and Fax for a food delivery platform
  • Wide-range of different Call Tracking solutions thanks to Vonage’s numbers coverage and Multiconnect’s tech gateway to analytics software for a car manufacturer
  • Intelligent interconnection of SMS and CS (booking confirmation, delay communications, etc.) for an airline